Kathleen Carr
My best friend and wife, without her blood, sweat, and tears this game would never have seen the light of day. Thanks so much for giving me a chance, and then another chance, and then another chance!

Thomas Carr
My dad, what can I say? Without the countless hours you spent on graphics this game would never have been finished. Thanks! Also thanks for you design feedback, it's been priceless.

Jon Moldenhauer
Thanks for designing and programming the engine/framework and being a very patient wiz answer man!

Edwin van Veldhoven
Composer of all Pirate Battles MIDI songs.


Play Testers Hall of Fame
Brad Fermanich, Tim Jordan, Mike Merino, Thomas Carr, Monica Carr, and Christina Carr.

Play Testers
Robert Carr, Guy Schaller, Jim Grasley, Rick Bungcayao, Mike Azevedo, Jeremy Goodman, Tony Ruiz, James Moldenhauer, Paul Pitchford, Bob Bertelli, Xeng Yang, Bill Latronica, Matthew Olaver, Brian Thomas, Chris Sterritt, Greg W Bauer

Island Designers
Richard Carr, Brad Fermanich, Christina Carr, Monica Carr, and Thomas Carr.

People behind the voices
Doug Goodman, Jeff Davis, Kathleen Carr, Christina Carr, Monica Carr, Rick Bungcayao, Russell Lawrence, Jeremy Goodman

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