Green Bar and Yellow Diamond on Left Side of Player

Green Bar

The green bar shows how much combat strength the player has. The more strength a player has the taller the green bar is. All four of the above swordsmen have the same combat strength of 65.

First Swordsman: This swordsman (1st from left side) has full energy (100). The height of the green bar is tall since his combat strength is around 65. When a person's energy is greater than 75 he moves his arms.

Second Swordsman: This swordsman has 70 energy so his combat strength is reduced to 70%. Once he is fully rested (at 100 energy) the bar will be as tall as the 1st swordsman. When a person's energy is between 50 and 75 he stands but his arms do not move.

Third Swordsman: This swordsman has 40 energy so the green bar is only 40% the size of the 1st swordsman. Note how the swordsman looks tired. When a person's energy is between 25 and 50 he stands but looks down at the ground.

Fourth Swordsman: This swordsman has 10 energy so the green bar is only 10% the size of the 1st swordsman. Note, the nav is so tired that he is sitting down. When a person's energy is below 25 they sit down.

First Runner: This runner has 100 energy. Even though this runner has full energy, his combat strength (green bar) is small because he is so poor at swordfighting.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamonds: A yellow diamond next to the green bar indicates that the player will have full energy (100 energy points) at the beginning of the next turn. This either means he hasn't moved much or has good stamina. At the beginning of each turn each player receives energy points equaled to his stamina. Sometimes, a good tactic is to move a player until his yellow diamond goes away. To turn on this display select the Options pull down menu and then select the Excess Energy Yellow Dot menu item.