Commands Dialog

This dialog allows quick access to many of the most used commands. Clicking the right mouse button over the playing field will bring up this dialog.

Pause: Will cause the game to pause. This gives you time to look around the island or check the status of the navs and pirates. The game clock (on the tool bar at top) stops and no one receives any energy. Pause mode is left by either clicking the unpause button on this dialog, clicking on the pause toolbar button, or by moving a person.

Map: Brings up the map and pauses the game. Allows you to see the whole island and where your navs and any visible pirates are.

Unpause: Will allow
1) the pirates to start moving again,
2) the clock to continue, and
3) navs and pirates energy to start being replenished again.

Selected Nav: Center the screen around the selected nav (nav with white square around him).

Previous Nav: Center the screen around the previous selected nav. Especially useful if you were moving a nav and another nav was attacked. Pressing this button will take you back to the nav you were moving.

List: Brings up the Select the Nav to Go To dialog. The navs are sorted by type. Their combat strength and energy are also shown. Quick way to find a particular nav.

Last Pirate Moving: Will center the screen on the last pirate seen moving and put a thick yellow square around him. If this pirate was just captured, it will center the screen on where he was captured. If the pirate can no longer be seen (because he's stopped moving or because more terrain is preventing him from being seen) the square he was last visible in will have the thick yellow square.

2nd to Last Pirate Moving: Will center the screen on the 2nd to last seen pirate who was moving. This pirate is indicated by a thin yellow square.