How to Change Screen Font Size

If Pirate Battles is run while the Screen Font size is larger than normal (Small Fonts), some of the dialogs will have graphics and bold print not properly aligned. Also, the combat dialog will sometimes cover up the players starting a swordfight. It is recommended that you switch your screen font to it's normal (Small Fonts) size.

1) Press the START button (usually located at bottom left corner of computer screen).
2) Select the SETTINGS item.
3) Select the CONTROL PANEL.
4) Double click the DISPLAY icon.
5) Select the SETTINGS tab.
6) Change the setting in the FONT SIZE to the normal size (might be called SMALL FONTS). If you don't see FONT SIZE, then click on ADVANCED OPTIONS. If you still can't find FONT SIZE then look at windows help.
7) Click the OK button.