Rubies and Mercenaries

In addition to the gold coins, each Treasure Chest has one (75% of the time) or two (25% of the time) rubies inside it. Unlike the Treasure Chest, the rubies can not be captured. At ANY time you can exchange rubies for mercenary players. These mercenary players stay with your team for only the current expedition and then they are gone. To add a mercenary, click the Add Mercenary button on the tool bar and the mercenary will be placed close to your ship.

The mercenaries vary on their strength and starting energy level. Click here to see their strength and starting energy levels for each level of play

You can save up the rubies for an especially tough expedition or you can use them up as quickly as you receive them. You gain additional points at the end of each expedition for any unused rubies that you're saving. If and when you convert your rubies to mercenaries will have a great impact on whether you win or not at the JV and especially Varsity levels.