Treasure Chests

Where to dig for treasure chests

You win by digging up and carrying the majority of the treasure chests back to your ships. Treasure chests are locate in meadows (clear terrain) next to a RED X. There is always one treasure chest per RED X. In the example below, the treasure chest could be buried in any square with a green number.

To dig up the treasure chest

1) Move person to a square next to a RED X. In the above picture that would be any square numbered 1 to 8.
2) Double click on the person to bring up the Stance dialog.
3) Select the dig button.
4) After digging you'll be inform whether you found a treasure chest or not.

Effects of carrying the treasure chest

When carrying a treasure chest your speed is cut in half and movement energy cost is doubled. A person can carry no more than one treasure chest. It can not be put down, only transferred to another person or to one of the home ships. A person with a treasure chest can't attack an opponent. But they can be attacked and if they lose, they also lose the treasure. A person carrying a treasure chest who is defending has his combat strength cut in half.

How to transfer the treasure chest to another nav

Move the nav carrying the treasure chest on top of the nav you now want to carry the treasure chest.

How to transfer the treasure chest to your ship

Move the nav (carrying the treasure chest) on top of your ship. Once the treasure chest is on the ship, it is safe. The other team can never get to it.

When you dig up a treasure chest you get .....

When you deposit a treasure chest on your ship you get ....