Types of People

Speed Average Excellent Average Poor Poor
Stamina Average Excellent Average Poor Average
Stealth Average Average Excellent Average Poor
Swordfighting Average Poor Poor Excellent Poor
Vision Average Poor Excellent Average Poor
Digging Average Average Average Average Excellent

There are 5 types of people. Here's what they look like (depending on how much energy they have).


The first column above shows the standing stance when a person's energy level is between 50 and 100. If their energy level is 75 or above, they will also be moving. The second column shows the standing stance the person will be in when his energy level is between 25 and 49. The third column is when their energy level is below 25.

The bar to the left of the players show three things:

1) The height of the bar frame shows the maximum combat strength the player will have when he's at 100 energy.

2) When the bar is completely full with color, it signifies that the person is at 100 energy.

3) Most importantly, the height of the color inside of the bar represents the players combat strength. This is the number used in swordfights. The taller the color the greater the combat strength. Putting the mouse over different players and looking at their values on the toolbar will help you quickly master the combat bars. Remember, on the toolbar the first number is combat strength. The second number is energy.

Poor is 25% of excellent and 50% of average.
Average is 50% of excellent and two times as much as poor.
Excellent is two times as much as average and four times as much as Poor.

Speed - How fast the person runs. Excellent at the same energy level of a poor can run thorough 4 squares in the time a poor can do one.

Stamina - How quickly one recuperates. Excellent receives 4 times the energy increase a minute compared with a poor.

Swordfighting - Basic combat strength. Excellent is four times as strong as poor.

Vision - How far away one can see a) terrain, and b) their opponents. Vision is greatly effected by what stance the person is in.

Stealth - How hard it is for the opposing team to see them. Stealth is greatly effected by what stance the person is in.

Digging - How much energy it takes to dig. Digger uses 12 energy. Everyone else uses 35 energy.

Select how to improve to learn about the possible values for these attributes.

Qualities not associated with type of person

Team Spirit/Teamwork - How dedicated they are. When tired how much of an extra effort will they put forth. It can range from 20 to 100. For combat and speed purposes energy is not allowed to go below Team Spirit divided by 5. A high value makes an exhausted person much more difficult to capture.