Pirate Battles

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Can you pick the right number of these 5 types of players

Digger - - Fighter - -Runner - - Scout - Swordsman

and over the course of a season train them in the needed areas

so that you can build a team that can beat the pirates?

You start off each expedition by landing on a new island. Your team (the navs) and your opponents, the pirates, will have a different strategy each time because you and them can land in several different places on each island. You'll need to use the map to see where the treasures are buried (red X) and to get the overall view of where your navs and the visible pirates are.

  • The pirates are the red-white dots
  • Your navs are the blue-white dots
  • The buried treasures are the red Xs
  • The black areas are unexplored

Once you decide which buried treasure chests to go after and divide your team according to your strategy, you'll soon start running into the pirates who are trying to beat you to the treasure chests.

  • The green bar to the left of the players represents their strength
  • You can tell how much energy a person has by their posture (lying down < 25%, sitting down < 50%, standing < 75%, and standing/moving 75% to 100%.
  • The swords in the ground mark where a person was captured
  • Just because you can see the terrain doesn't mean you can see the pirates hiding there

Warning: if you just blindly attack the pirates you will not do well. This is no mindless arcade game. Just like in real life, choosing when, where, and how to fight is crucial.

Pirate Battles is easy to pick up because it has a very thorough tutorial.

Since this game is only a one player game it lives or dies by how good the computer opponent is. Since it was designed to be a one player game we were able to design it in such a way that it was possible to code a good computer opponent. We believe we've achieved it because the level playing field (JV) is very tough for an experience player. The Varsity level, which favors the computer by only a little bit and with NO cheating is very tough, even for the author (who programmed it).

Maps of First Seven Islands

Screen Shot

For more info about the game go to our exhaustive help section.

The shareware version of Pirate Battles follows the classic shareware model. It is a fully playable game. Only if you want the game with the full 20 islands do you purchase the Professional version. Unlike a lot of other shareware games Pirate Battles (both shareware and professional) has NO Ads and does NOT send anything across the Internet!

Download shareware version of Pirate Battles (only 4 meg!)