Pirate Battles

Pirate Battles is a "Turn-Based Simultaneous Strategy" game. It combines the intensity and unpredictability of "real time" strategy games with the go at your own pace and control of "turn based" strategy games. Both sides move at the same time, but they can only move one person at a time. Once both sides are done moving they start a new turn and all their players get more energy. You can pause or modify the game speed at anytime.

While reading Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island", a dean at one of the nation's top business schools had the inspiration to start a new college sport to teach his students some skills that are difficult to learn in a classroom. The college students have a blast dressing up like pirates and spending Saturdays running around islands and learning to work as a team.

The goal of the sport is to be the first team to get more than half the treasure chests buried on the island back to your ships. Conflicts are resolved with swordfights. The name of your team is navs (short for navigators) and your team color is blue. Your opponents are called pirates and their team color is red.

There are 20 expeditions (games) in this season. Each expedition has a different island, different goals, and is played against a pirate team that is also being developed by one of the ten possible pirate captains. Depending on the team size chosen, your team could add a new player before each expedition. There are five distinct types of players with which to build your team with. In addition, you coach/develop these players before each expedition. The makeup and temperament of the team will reflect your coaching style.

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