This is a screen grab of the area around the middle Treasure Chest Marker (TCM) that is shown by the red X, for the second Expedition, called the EMERALD ISLAND Expedition. If you scroll to the right, you can see the whole screen.The top of the screen shows the basic menu list, control icons and data regarding the selected NAV. The black areas represent terrain that you team has not been explored by your team.

Your team, called the NAVIGATORS, or NAVS for short, wear blue uniforms, and the Pirates wear Red

The action has been going on for some time, and your team has dug up one treasure chest already (see the runner hiding in the woods in the upper left corner), and are now grouping near this Treasure Chest Marker.

But the pirates have also dug up a treasure chest, and have placed it on their ship as shown here. They are now grouping their forces here, preparing to do battle to get this last treasure chest in order to win this expedition.

There are eleven of your (blue) players shown on the map. The team member surrounded by the white box (indicating that he is "Selected") is Raymond Spruance, a Fighter, and is located adjacent to the RED X. The right side of the Control Bar (at the top of the screen) indicates the name of your selected player (Raymond Spruance), along with his Energy Level (98%) and Combat Effectiveness (35%).

Now, to see what this area looks like a little later in this exciting game, CLICK HERE!

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