Welcome to the islands of thrills and treasure!

"Treasure Island is different from all other computer games I can think of. It introduces the mix between real-time and turn-based games, and does it well." SharePaper

"...that merges the fervor of real-time strategy with the paced control of turn-based play.... Maneuvering and swordfighting are intense, but, fortunately, the pirates don't cheat (though their AI is quite good). Further, while there's plenty of action, no blood stains the playfield as no one actually gets killed. So, if you're ready to swashbuckle with the best, download (4.7MB) Treasure Island and set sail for some addictive strategic play." Game Briefs

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Why Simultaneous Strategy?

TREASURE ISLAND addresses the drawbacks of predictability in turn-based strategy games and the need to be constantly updating your orders in real-time strategy games.

Turn-based strategy games are great! One way they would be even better, is if they didn't have the predictability drawback. What I mean is that once an opponent's units are discovered, they stay in the same space for the rest of the turn. You don't have to be concerned about them moving. Some games may allow the unit to fire, but that's all. Wouldn't it be better, if the opponent could move?

Real-time strategy games are great! One way they would be even better, is if you didn't have to be constantly updating the orders given to one's units. It's so frustrating that after finally get everything set up for the big battle, one needs to update the orders of units far away and so miss the satisfaction of seeing the battle fought. Wouldn't it be better if one could enjoy the battle without the nagging feeling that one's side would be better off if one was updating the orders of faraway units, instead of just watching the battle?

TREASURE ISLAND does not have these two drawbacks. It's a blend of both turn-based and real-time strategy games. Just as COMPUTER PLAYER called Capture the Flag "it's easily the most original game design I've seen in years", I would hope this new game will get the same response. It's definitely a new type of a gaming category. One that combines the intensity and unpredictability of real-time strategy games with the ability to set one's pace and enjoy the fruit of one's planning that comes with the turn-based strategy games. I know I'm describing opposites, but in this game they come together. You'll be the judge of how well.
--- Rich Carr

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