America Online:
Treasure Island was one of only 9 games to be added to AOL's "Top Picks" library in the last 12 months!

Games Domain Review:
Richard Green - March 10, 1997

"A great thing about Treasure Island is the way you get to develop your team as you play through the game...but for those who miss the days of a challenging single-player game, you're unlikely to find any more advanced a game engine than here... My opinion of Treasure Island is that you have no excuse not to download it and give it a try...even better is that instead of focusing on heavy violence, no one actually 'dies' after confrontations, they are are just captured and out of the game...Pros: New style of gameplay, Lots of thinking involved, but still easy to play, Much of development time spent in creating brilliant AI, Random elements that increase longetivity... Longevity: Addictive quality to the game, great for 'quickies', as well as long game sessions...Interface & Usabiliy: Smart and user-friendly, brilliant tutorial to get you straight into the game...Packaging & Docs: Superb online documentation for every element of the game." Click here for complete review.

Lars Mathiassen - Feb 21, 1997

"... has tried to give Treasure Island the advantages both of real-time and turn-based strategy games. I think he has succeeded quite well. ... The graphics are beautiful..." Click here for complete review.

Game Briefs:
Chuck Miller - Feb 28, 1997

"... that merges the fervor of real-time strategy with the paced control of turn-based play... Maneuvering and swordfighting are intense, but, fortunately, the pirates donít cheat (though their AI is quite good). Further, while thereís plenty of action, no blood stains the playfield as no one actually gets killed. So, if youíre ready to swashbuckle with the best, download (4.7MB) Treasure Island and set sail for some addictive strategic play. Aye, Matey! Yaí owes it to yerself." Click here for complete review.

"Lord Gek" Jordan, File Factory Foreman/Librarian/Maintainer

I've played Expedition #3 four or five times now and just when I think I've got the Pirates figured out, they'll go and try something different. Richard has confessed to me that the computer pirates can still out-smart him at times and he is the one that programmed them. This is definitely some of the scariest AI I've seen in a while!

Brad Fermanich

"Mahn...tried expedition 2 against the JV team again....sheesh...I guess I gotta think militarily or something. I got the middle treasure, only losing a few guys, then went after the bottom one. I did not have too much resistance at the X, but the pirates hid out on the way back and ambushed me two-thirds the way back to my ship...Mahn...I lost all my guys that way....Sheesh."

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