Here are 7 global maps of the 20 Islands that are included in the PROFESSIONAL VERSION OF TREASURE ISLAND

NOTE: The maps shown below are compressed to about 1/10 the size of the normal playing field. CLICK HERE to see a grab of the real playing field. The dark rectangle is a movable cursor that denotes the portion of the map that will be shown full scale on the playing field. The blue squares represent the positions of the NAV players, and the red squares represent the positions of the PIRATES.


Boot Camp Island for Expedition 1

Emerald Island for Expedition 2

Designed By Richard Carr

Designed By Richard Carr

Mystery Island for Expedition 3

Breakneck Race!Island for Expedition 4

Designed By T. J. Carr

Designed Mostly By Brad Fermanich

By the Dawn Light Island for Expedition 5

Jackpot!Island for Expedition 6

Designed By Monica Carr

Designed By Christina Carr

Spider Island for Expedition 7

Designed By Brad Fermanich

We wish to thank for Brad Fermanich for preparing the graphics used on this page, and for his permission to use them.

We suggest you visit his WEB site at BRF Home! for more extensive examples of his work

If you have tips, graphics, comments etc. about TREASURE ISLAND on your WEB site that would be of interest ot our TI players, we will be delighted to add links from our site to your site. Just send an email to us at


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