This cropped screen shows the global map superimposed over the playing field. Most of the island is covered in black to indicate the portions of the island that have not been explored by the NAVS. As a NAV is moved into these black unexplored areas the black is removed revealing the island terrain.

The ship on the left is the NAV ship and the ship on the right side of the island is the PIRATE ship. The three RED Xs indicate the general location of the three treasures, each treasure being buried in one of the eight tiles adjacent to the RED X.

The rectangle is a cursor that is used by the player to select the portion of the global map to be shown on the playing field (main window). The blue squares represent the positions of the NAV players, and the red squares represent the positions of the PIRATES.

CLICK HERE to see the Global Map with the entire EMERALD ISLAND uncovered.

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