Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag is a turn based game. You move all your team, then your opponent moves all of his team. They can run, walk, crawl, or stand. Each stance effects how far you can move in a turn, how well you can see, and how easy it is for your opponent to see you. Capture the Flag has realistic line of sight rules. As you explore your opponent's side the unexplored black area becomes visible terrain. But just because you can see a particular tree it doesn't mean you can see an opponent hiding there. It depends how close you are to the tree, what your stance is, and what your opponent's stance is.

Capture the Flag has an outstanding Play Back mode. At the beginning of your turn you see all of your opponents moves that were visible to your team. Please see the magazine reviews for more detail.

THIS IS A SCALED DOWN SCREEN showing Capture the Flag's user interface, which is very easy to use. Simply click where you want a person to go and he will start walking that way!

There is also an easy to follow on-line tutorial which will guide you through the various playing techniques and will even give you the occasional hint on how to play better! Now come see this screen at normal size

You can easily navigate around the playing field by clicking the right mouse button and then choosing a new location on the pop up GLOBAL MAP.

The control panel on the right side of the screen lets you see your team's status as well as buttons to control you turn.

Features in the Shareware Version

Download the shareware version of Capture the Flag (400K zip file). Requires IBM PC compatible with 286, VGA, & 640k memory.

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