The more tired (less energy) a person gets the slower he moves and the weaker he is at fighting. To do well you must pay close attention to keeping your players from becoming exhausted.

How movement reduces Energy
Each square a person moves into reduces his energy by the following amount:

  Running Crawling
Easy Terrain 2 Energy 6 Energy
Moderate Terrain 4 Energy 12 Energy
Difficult Terrain 6 Energy 18 Energy

See Rate Energy is Restored Dialog to learn how a person's stamina effects how quickly he recovers his energy.

See Combat for how energy is reduced by combat (sword fighting).

See Terrain for a description of how quickly energy is reduced by moving thorough the various kinds of terrain.

See Types of People for examples of how your players look at various levels of energy.

Energy cost of various actions

  Digging Cautious
Fighter 35 Energy 20 Energy 25 Energy
Runner 35 Energy 20 Energy 25 Energy
Scout 35 Energy 20 Energy 25 Energy
Swordsman 35 Energy 20 Energy 25 Energy
Digger 12 Energy 20 Energy 25 Energy