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How to start a new turn
Click here to learn how to start a new turn

How to move a player
1) Click the left mouse button on the person you want to move.
2) Move the mouse cursor to where you want the person to move to.
3) Hold down the left mouse button until the person gets there.

How to move the screen - 1st way
1) Click the right mouse button, this will bring up the map
2) Move mouse until white rectangle is over the area you want to see
3) Click either button

How to move the screen - 2nd way
1) Hold down the right mouse button
2) Move the mouse

How to Dig
1) Move mouse over the person you want to dig.
2) Double click the left mouse.
3) Select the Dig button.

How to find a treasure chest
Click here

How to transfer treasure chest from one player to another
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How to get a treasure chest onboard your ship
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Your objective
For first island it is to capture all of the pirates. For all other islands it is to get the majority of the treasure chests back to your ship.

How much should I move my players each turn?
Unless it's an emergency, you don't want to move players who are sitting down (they have less than 25% energy). For those who are standing but looking down (less than 50% energy) you want to move them only if it's important. The less energy they have the easier it is for the pirates to capture them.

How to get more energy
All navs and pirates get more energy at the beginning of every turn. When you have moved everyone you need to just click the ST icon on the top left corner of the screen to start a new turn. Each person has their energy increased by their stamina value.

Easy way to move a person a long distance
1) Select the person you want to move
2) Move the screen until you can see where you want them to go
3) Move mouse to where you want person to go
4) Hold down left mouse button. Even though your person may be off the screen he will take the shortest route to that location.

What are those one or two yellow squares that sometimes appear?
These mark the last location you saw a pirate. The bolder yellow square is the last pirate you lost site of.

What is the green bar to the left of the navs and priates?
It shows the player's "Combat Strength". This is the value used to determine the odds of winning. Combat Strength is a combination of the player's swordfighting, confidence, and teamspirit levels MULTIPLIED by their energy percentage. The taller the green bar, the greater the person's combat strength is. A player's combat strength shrinks as he becomes more tired (having less energy). Likewise, it increases as the player regains some of his energy at the beginning of each new turn.

For more help
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