Expert Tips

A thick yellow square is put around the last pirate seen moving. A thin yellow square is put around the second to last pirate seen moving. If the pirate is captured, or is in a stance that can't be seen, or has moved on without being seen, then the yellow square will be empty.

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When you hear the pirates moving press the "L" key (or choose Last Pirate Seen Moving under the Commands menu). It will take you to the spot where the last seen pirate was moving. An empty yellow square means either the pirate was captured or he stopped moving in the square and you could no longer see him. It also pauses the game, giving you time to think.

To see how you can get a higher score with a Silver instead of a Gold Cup look at the bottom of the Scoring Description.

A player on a hill increases his visibility by 33%.

Under the Options pull down menu you can turn on the Excess Energy Yellow Dot option that will display a yellow dot to the left of each player that will have over 100 Energy next turn. Since 100 is the maximum energy one can have the yellow dot means some energy will be thrown away. So those who have a yellow dot can still be moved and yet will have 100 energy the next turn.

You can develop an team by making
1) Using runners to dig up the treasure chest and to carry them back to your ships and
2) Choosing to first develop their swordfighting skill when the bonus coaching dialog comes up after they dig up a treasure chest or get a treasure chest to their ship, and
3) During their normal coaching first coach on stamina and then speed. These players will have the swordfighting skill of swordsman and the stamina and speed of runners. After 2 or 3 expeditions they'll be your super players!

Sometimes you can get a higher score by digging up extra treasure chests rather than ending the game as quickly as possible as long as you have time before you cup goes down a level. Digging up an extra Treasure Chest (and preventing the pirates from digging it up) could increase your Base score by up to 1,500 points plus the rubies you get (which the pirates don't get). Note, this 1,500 is before it gets multiplied by the Cup and Team amounts!

If you are outnumbered, before you retreat, try to capture one of the weaker pirates. By gradually wearing down the pirates you can win many of the local battles in which the pirates start out with the advantage. But you have to time your attacks just right.

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