Basic Tips

To do well you'll especially need to watch your players energy level so they don't get too exhausted.

Make sure you use the tutorial help screens at least two times. Likewise, it's suggested you read the Tips several times over a period of time.

As a person's energy decreases he moves slower and becomes weaker.

Hide your tired (sitting) and exhausted (lying down) players (navs) in woods, hills, river beds. Not only are they harder to see but also they are harder to capture in non clear terrain.

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Make sure you've moved everyone that needs to be moved before starting a new turn. When ready, start a new turn by pressing the ST (Start New Turn) button in the top left corner of the screen. Both your team (navs) and the pirates are given energy points according to how much stamina they have.

When the game is in pause mode the pirates wait for you to move. Some of the ways the game is paused is by using the map, finding a treasure chest, putting a treasure chest on your ship, and after combat. The easiest way to pause the game is to click the right mouse button. The easiest way to unpause the game is by either clicking the pause button or by moving a nav.

Make sure you understand how a person's stance tells you how much energy they have.

Make sure you understand how the person's bar tells you how much combat strength they have.

Don't forget to add mercenaries to your team if you are having trouble with an expedition. With each ruby you find (by digging up a treasure chest) you can exchange it for one mercenary by clicking on the toolbar button. If you don't need the mercenaries you can save the rubies for a tougher expedition. You increase your score for each turn you don't use the rubbies.

Pirates disappear from sight when you can no longer see them. It often occurs when the pirates move away or your player switches from standing (you have excellent vision) to running (you have poor vision).

A hat on a sword sticking in the ground is a marker where a person of that colored hat was captured.

If you can see the pirate, then you can also hear him moving and digging. But if you can't see him then you don't hear him moving and digging.

If you hear "pirate moving", or "they're digging!" voices, or the sound of pirates moving, that means someplace on the island one of your navs sees the pirate moving. These warning do not occur if the pirate is on your screen. Look at the map (by clicking the right mouse button) for the red and white blinking dot to see where the last seen pirate is located. Or click the Commands pull down menu and select Last pirate seen moving.

You can turn off the "pirate moving" warning or the music or all sounds by choosing the Sounds menu item of the Options pull down menu.

Here's how to transfer a treasure chest from one nav to another.

You can try to capture pirates who have a treasure chest. But once they get it on one of their ships you can't capture it. Neither can you attack their ships

Be sure to select the Help button on any dialog you don't fully understand.

When moving, just hold the left mouse button down over when you want to go. The person will figure out the fastest way to get there. You can let go of the left mouse button once the mouse cursor changes to "go" and the nav will continue moving to that spot! Or you can continue to move the mouse with the left button pressed and the nav will to move to the new "go" cursor location.

You don't have to wait until the selected nav stops moving before moving another nav. Just start dragging the new nav and the current nav will stop moving.

A red flag on the red X treasure chest marker means that the pirates have already dug up the treasure chest that is buried around that marker. Likewise a blue flag means the navs have.

Make sure you understand the bar to the left of each player, the right side of the toolbar and the toolbar buttons.

Use cheats if you are having problems. They are located under the Cheats pulldown menu. One especially useful one is making the pirates visible.

An especially useful way of moving your navs is by pressing the left mouse button and while holding it down move it to the edge of the playing field. When your nav gets close to the edge the screen will automatically scroll. This makes moving a nav to an off screen location a lot easier!

Change your player's stance to crawling when you want the player to hide. Crawling is best at stealth (hiding) but it's also the worst at seeing others.

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