Found Treasure Chest Dialog

Three good things happen immediately when you team digs up a treasure chest.

1) You find in the treasure chest one or more rubies. These are extremely useful since they can be used for adding mercenaries your team for one expedition. They can even join your team immediately!

2) The player who dug up the treasure chest gets his confidence increased by 10 or 20 points.

3) The player who dug up the treasure chest gets to have one of his skills increased immediately. The chosen skill will be increased by 6. Even if the skill is one in which the player is poor in. Generally, it's good to increase a poor skill since during normal coaching if would take up to two turns to do the same increase. Coaching only improves a poor skill in increments of three.

Now you need to get the treasure chest with all of it's gold coins safely back to your ship (the one with 3 blue flags). The pirate ship has two red flags and a pirate flag.